"... What insight did this evening bring?:
The alleged one-way street from Africa to Europe can open up to two-way traffic at the beat of a drum."
Badische Zeitung

The percussion ensemble "Busch-Werk" with Herman Kathan at its center has been a synonym for unconventional, highly artistic percussion music for many years. The ensemble goes in new directions all the time, sounding out new depths in the world of percussive art. Previously released CD-productions and many excellent concert reviews in professional journals and daily newspapers acclaim the outstanding performances of this ensemble.

Busch-Werk has demonstrated its unusual dynamics and profound rootedness in various ethnic traditions in the course of many tours with some of the most eminent percussionists of our time.

Each individual musician is a specialist in his own area.
In a percussive fireworks, various rhythmic idioms such as Brazil's cult music, traditional West-African music, Cuba's rumba and salsa rhythms and Balinesian gamelan music are fused together. The ensemble also lets itself be inspired by contemporary popular music. The incorporation of personal elements of style lends the musical performance a completely unique profile - beyond Germany's borders. Busch-Werk is one of the few ensembles which connects different musical idioms in such an innovative, convincing and exacting way while keeping their music transparent for the audience at all times.