One week Djembé Intensive

at Gauselfingen in Southern Germany

In this workshop, we will have 5 ½ days on the Swabian Alb in southern Germany to deal with the beautiful Djembé music of West Africa.

We will not only learn a number of grooves complete with bass drum patterns, accompaniment and solo phrases, but also learn about their embedding in the cultural and cult life of West Africa. The complex music of West Africa can best be understood and experienced in its deep structure, knowing the backgrounds in which this wonderful music is played.
We will dedicate ourselves to rhythms from different cultural regions and deal with the music of the Malinke, the Bamana, the Khassonke and possibly even more ethnic groups of West Africa. We will end the evening with Krin music, the log drum of the forest region of Guinea and the Ivory Coast.

To join this workshop, you should have an advanced level on the Djembé, which is usually given with several years of practice. If there is some ambiguity about whether your own level is sufficient, please contact Herman Kathan.

31. October (17:00) – 06. November (17:00 ) 2022

Location: Wir-Tagungshaus in Gauselfingen
Start on Monday and end on Sunday at 5 pm.

Course fee incl. accommodation: 685,-€, reduced 615,-€
In addition, there are 65,-€ catering allowance to be paid in the course.



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