Candomblé - Brazilian cult music for advanced players

In Brazil, the term "Candomblé" is used to designate a musical tradition which reaches back to African culture and religion before the age of slavery.
Today these religions are still completely intact and they have developed into various individual traditions in modern-day Brazil. The music which these cults are rooted in is played on atabaques, three kinds of drums similar to congas which are covered with goat's skin. Because the music serves a cult function and is thus not primarily subject to esthetic principles and fluctuating fashions, it has preserved its nativeness to a large degree. It is Afro-Brazilian music in the most profound sense of the word.

We want to encounter this music and learn to play grooves and solos. Participants in the course must have experience with congas or another type of hand drum.
Congas can be borrowed for a fee of 10,- € (please request when registering for course).

29. April – 01. May 2022

Amma Zentrum in Odenwald
Course costs: 210,- € / reduced 190,- €

For more information, please contact me.


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