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Let your soul dance! With Trance Dance, Rhythm and Ritual live music performed by the percussion ensemble „ Busch-Werk“

Direction: Sabine Rittner und Herman Kathan

Good to know for those who have already participated:
In the upcoming course 2022 the team will come up with a completely new program!

  • Immerse yourself in the magical power of rhythm, pulsation and sound.
  • Explore the effect of archaic cult rhythms on your own body. Let them carry you into other dimensions of reality.
  • Give wings to your soul through dance.
  • In a protective ritual space let go and still feel held.
  • The live music is especially suited to the situation, which activates powerful, quiet and sensuous aspects of who you are.

In this seminar, the participants will take part in a number of rituals, each lasting several hours. There one can experience the healing, consciousness-expanding and strengthening potential of trance states. The rhythm archetypes, which will be performed in the seminar, specifically can be found in the music of Brazil and West Africa and are still in use today.
The members of “Busch-Werk” (Herman Kathan, Norbert Schubert, Tiemo Feldmann, Stefan Frommherz and Dirk Friederich) are professional musicians who for more than 20 years have gained great expertise by performing with traditional ritual musicians in both West Africa and Brasil. With the help of these powerful rhythms, we can easily achieve altered states of consciousness. If these trance states are searched for in ritualized ways, safely achieved and resolved, they are beneficial and regenerating for body and soul. They facilitate access to creativity and intuition, they support the development of resources, and they often reveal new ways to pose and respond to our questions and understand our needs.

The methods
Trance dance and indigenous trance rhythms, „Ritual body postures and ecstatic trance“® according to Felicitas Goodman, hypnotherapy, breathing and bodywork, drums and meditation. At the conclusion of the rituals there will be plenty of room to process and integrate the „travel“ experiences and impulses creatively by painting or writing, in silence, in nature, in small groups, and also in the circle sharing. In the evenings, there is the opportunity to drum freely and to improvise with each other musically under the guidance of the musicians. Musical or dance expertise are not required.

The team

Sabine Rittner is Psychotherapist (approb.), Music therapist, Hypnotherapist with specialization on working with altered states of consciousness and body-oriented psychotherapy. She works at the Institute for medical psychology of the University of Heidelberg (teaching, psychotherapy, trance research), as well as in private practice (supervision, coaching). For three decades she has directed seminars in Germany and abroad. She is a longtime student of anthropologist and consciousness researcher Prof. Felicitas Goodman and empowered to give trainings in the method of "ritual body postures and ecstatic trance".
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Herman Kathan is percussionist for West African and Brazilian cult and profane music, composer, director of the percussion ensemble „Busch-Werk“, director of „Tam-Tam-Mandingue Germany“, diploma in religious education. He has worked as a freelance musician and music teacher since1986.

In this seminar, the decades of experience of two "old masters" of the seminar work – Sabine Rittner and Herman Kathan – converge in this way synergetically.


The musicians of the ensemble „Busch-Werk“:
Herman Kathan, Norbert Schubert, Tiemo Feldmann, Dirk Friederich, Christoph Jung und Uwe Berger

The Centro d’Ompio is a wonderful situated place in Pettenasco close to the lake Orta (west of Lago Maggiore) in Italy.

Currently no date in planning. As soon as a new date is fixed, it will be announced here.

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